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My passion for massage was formed while using massage therapy as part of my training recovery for ultra-marathon running. I found that my recovery improved after multi-hour training sessions, and in the subsequent years massage therapy has been vital to treating various overuse injuries and muscular imbalances that are commonplace in the running world.


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Adam Harris Massage Therapy in Vancouver for Runners


Runners are constantly in a battle to prevent and work through injury. Due to the fact that most runners are self-taught and that the activity is extremely repetitive, runners are prone to a host of injuries.

My extensive experience both as a runner, and as a runner treating and receiving massage therapy treatment allow me to effectively work with your running injuries.



  • Finding Adam changed my life. It was completely by accident, and I am forever grateful. His warm and calm approach combined with his thirst for knowledge and helping others makes him an amazing RMT. Throughout the time we have worked together, he has helped treat nerve impingement in my shoulder and arm, an ankle sprain, as well as issues associated with endometriosis. I have recommended him to everyone I know!

    Sara M. Chef and Entrepreneur
  • Throughout the course of 2 months of regular treatments from Adam, he was able to restore proper foot and ankle mobility. He did a ton of great soft tissue and fascial work which helped alleviate some residual stiffness and soreness from a lifetime of sprains that resulted in awful mobility.

    From pitiful 0 degrees at the beginning, Adam diligently worked and was able to help restore proper dorsiflexion. He’s also the first therapist i’ve worked with (there have been many) who successfully mobilized my subtalar joint. It’s nice to have a foot that works properly now!

    Connor M- Ultrarunner, Former Field Hockey BC Team Member
  • I started working with Adam while training for ultramarathon trail races knowing I was taxing my body with long distance running and wanted to to ensure that I was staying on top of self care and injury prevention. As an athlete and endurance runner himself, I have always trusted Adam to know and understand issues faced by runners. During the course of my training I had some flare ups with different issues and Adam was able to identify the source of the pain and deal with it immediately to resolve it. I highly recommend Adam as an RMT; his methodical approach and kind demeanour make even painful treatments enjoyable.

    Natalie Taylor – Lululemon Run Ambassador and SSC Community Leader
  • As an ultra-runner I’m constantly putting my body through high levels of stress. I’m lucky to have had the pleasure of being treated by Adam over the past few months. His knowledge and unique approaches to treatment keep me fresh and able to run at a competitive level. Not only does Adam treat my aches and pains, he helps keep me injury free by suggesting ways I can take care of myself at home.

    Chris J – Winner 2015 Knee Knacker Trail Run