About Me

About Me

My passion for massage was formed while using massage therapy as part of my training recovery for ultra-marathon running. I found that my recovery improved after multi-hour training sessions, and in the subsequent years massage therapy has been vital to treating various overuse injuries and muscular imbalances that are commonplace in the running world.

My experience as a life-long athlete; well versed in a wide variety of sports including hockey, soccer, volleyball, basketball, golf, skiing and snowboarding, allow me to comprehend and work with patients for their specific injury.

Practice Approach

Your pain is specific to you. It is something that only you can truly articulate and feel. My approach to massage therapy is to create a full picture of your injury or pain that will allow me to hone in on the specific factors that are provoking your pain. This will allow me to work with you on treat the cause instead of the symptoms that will promote long-term change. To end our treatments, I will provide education and homecare exercises which will assist in your return to optimal function.