I have answered a few questions that I am often asked by new clients, or even returning clients. If you have questions other than what has been listed below, please email me through the contact page.

Massage therapy treatments from a Registered Massage Therapist will individually plan and create a treatment plan for you specific condition or injury. Registered Massage Therapists are trained to assess and treat a wide range of conditions and injuries ranging from spinal disc herniations, to headaches to tendonitis. Consistent massage therapy treatment has been shown to increase circulation, provide relief of muscular aches and pains, increase range of motion and reduce stress.

This will vary on a patient-to-patient basis. Given the individual case, we will make a treatment plan which will work to effectively treat you. For some people this may require treatment twice a week, for other perhaps only once a month.
At the end of each treatment I will detail a plan for you, and we can book your next visit accordingly.

The majority of extended benefits cover treatments from Registered Massage Therapists only, non-registered massage therapy is not typically covered. Please confirm with your extended benefits provider if massage therapy is covered under your plan, and how much is covered by the provider.
At each treatment you will be provided a receipt with my Registrant number that can be provided to your insurance provider for reimbursement.

A pair of shorts and an athletic top/with a sports bra for female patients are encouraged, as they allow me to work with you actively through assessment, treatment and homecare. Pre-treatment assessment and homecare is always much easier if you are not restricted by uncomfortable work clothes or bulky layers and sweaters.

No. If you are not comfortable with removing your clothing you do not have to, the most important part of every treatment is that you feel safe, comfortable and relaxed. This will limit some of the work that we can do such as the use of oil or lotion, and the use of certain techniques that are affected by the barrier of clothing.

Following our intake and assessment you will be given time to undress or change in privacy, the same applies at the end of the treatment.

Only the area which is being treated at that moment will be uncovered throughout the course of treatment. That means that if we are working on your left leg, then the remainder of your body will be covered with linens, and only the left leg will be undraped. A typical full body massage will treat your back, neck, arms, legs, feet and hands; tailored to your individual needs.

There is the possibility that you may experience some post-treatment discomfort and pain. Although some people believe in the “no pain, no gain” method of treatment, I believe that if you are experiencing significant pain post-treatment, then we have worked too aggressively. Please let me know at the start of our next treatment, and we will adjust accordingly.

It is possible to start treatments as early as the next day for the majority of injuries. The major exceptions are after the fracture of a bone, or with a joint dislocation that has not been re-set or reduced by a physician.
Massage therapy has been shown to help reduce swelling after a recent injury, and there are many issues that we can begin to address in order to make your recovery as quick as possible.

This is both a normal and common response. Registered Massage Therapists are trained health-care professionals who are experienced and trained in the personal nature that comes from working in such close contact with their patients. I work hard to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as I can, and with most patients this apprehension leaves them as we build a relationship of trust.
However, if for any reason you feel uncomfortable or would like to end the treatment for any reason you are free to do so. This is your right as a patient receiving Registered Massage Therapy, and I will respect your decision completely.